About Eric

My personal journey to coaching took many twists and turns.  I started my career in the corporate business world where I worked in strategy, marketing, and finance at companies such as McKinsey, Intuit, and Taco Bell Corp.  I also started a qualitative market research business where I learned entrepreneurship, as well as the skills to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and transform insights into action.  

Along the way, I have explored my interests in human development, Buddhist psychology, neuroscience, somatics, mindfulness meditation, and even acting and improvisation.  This passion for personal growth ultimately led me to pursue coaching.  

I believe that these diverse experiences allow me to bring a unique perspective to coaching – one of depth, openness, and empathy, as well as practical business acumen.  

I hold degrees in Math and Economics from UCLA and an MBA from Harvard University.  I completed my coach training at Newfield Network where the coaching education is deeply integrative and embodied.  

Coaching is a passion of mine.  I believe that we all have untapped skills and inner resources that a trusted partner can help unlock.  It is my privilege to support clients in realizing that potential.  


“Eric is incredibly professional yet very relatable.  I do well with empathetic but firm coaching styles – people that are willing to challenge me and my thinking, but also hold my emotions with a gentle hand.  Eric did just that for me.  He helped me work through some personal barriers and provided tools for me to have confidence in my actions moving forward.”                                                    

– MN, Biotech Executive                                               

Finding the right coach 

I encourage you to interview several coaches.  While a coach’s background and experience are important, choose the one that resonates the most with you.  A competent coach for somebody else may not be the right one for you.  Schedule a call to assess if there is a match.  As with any partnership, mutual fit is essential for success.  I welcome the opportunity to explore the possibility of working together.