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Leadership Coaching


There are risks and costs to programs of action.  But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.              

      – John F. Kennedy 










Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps the client move forward in their personal and professional lives.  Through a supportive process of inquiry and reflection, the client can develop greater self-awareness, discover new possibilities, and create a life that is more fulfilling and truer to themselves.  


Meet Eric 

I support clients to become the best version of themselves personally and professionally.  Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in the corporate world and in management consulting.  I have also spent years exploring personal growth, human behavior, mindfulness, and the mind body connection.  This blend of the pragmatic with the intuitive helps bring wholeness, presence, and compassion to my coaching.  

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My Approach to Coaching

I approach coaching as a true collaboration between two equal partners.  I see you as the unique expert of your life who has all the resourcefulness and skills within you.  My job is to help you unlock those inner resources and bring out your best.  

My focus is on you as a whole person, not just your challenge.  This involves looking at your beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.  It also means that we go beneath the surface and address the root cause of what may be getting in the way of what you want.  The result is the potential for deeper learning, growth, and sustainable change that impacts all facets of your life.  

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“Eric brings a unique set of competencies to his coaching that is rarely captured by one person.  His business acumen, balanced with his equally strong emotional intelligence, helped me work through some career challenges, recognize my own resourcefulness, and ultimately have more confidence in the direction that I am headed.”                  

– KE, Managing Partner at a global branding firm