Approach to Coaching 

I believe that true transformation comes from coaching the whole person.  The challenges that clients bring to coaching are often just a catalyst that allows us to explore more deeply the beliefs and behaviors – as well as the physical and emotional patterns – that got them to where they are. 

This integral approach helps clients achieve their immediate goals and discover their own resourcefulness.  It also enables us to go beyond short-term solutions and create real, sustainable change.  

I work with clients of diverse backgrounds, professions, and life situations.  The common threads are the desire to look honestly at themselves, let go of patterns that no longer work, and to take new actions.  This takes courage, determination, and trust.  I am committed to being a supportive partner in this process.  


Potential outcomes from partnering with Eric 

While coaching outcomes can vary, below are some examples of the results that my clients have achieved.  

  • Communicate more effectively and with greater impact.  
  • Lead with increased confidence and presence.  
  • Develop more satisfying personal and professional relationships.  
  • Attain clarity about life goals and career moves. 
  • Discover the beliefs and behaviors that limit choices and possibilities. 
  • Live with greater ease, balance, and comfort in your own skin.